The world is complex

Inferred Mind's systems monitor vast amounts of global data produced every second. Our Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Inferplex, deploys synthetic agents on any specified scale, that individually perceive the world from the view of any population demographic, geographic location, and political view. Inferred Mind collects for patterns, forecasts, and divergences from the norm.

How it works

Our A.I. derives meaning by

Psychologically mapping populations

Historical pattern recognition

Scenario modelling

Forecasting and prediction

Multi-agent real-time simulations

What it does

Inferred Mind can help you with

Policy Testing

From our vast amounts of data, policies can be tested and analyzed under different dynamic conditions.

Scenario Forecasting

Our advanced pattern prediction technology maps the future, allowing you to see different possible outcomes for scenarios.

Divergence Analysis

What is normal? Inferred Mind knows, and shows when, and by how much tracked entities have diverged from normal.

Population Analysis

Gain insights into the where, when, and how from our advanced psychological influence mapping technology.